There has never been a more disruptive time for retail! Last-mile fulfillment pressures, combined with increasing consumer expectations, have omnichannel retailers looking for ways to leverage the store to deliver the every-increasing number of on-line orders. Package Concierge® addresses business imperatives for the progressive omnichannel retailer when seamless fulfillment means an easy, convenient and quick transaction for both the store personnel and the customer.


A Fortune 500 publicly traded retailer, is one of the many partners who've recognized this imperative and is testing electronic locker systems to facilitate buy online and pick up in store (BOPIS) transactions. The locker system provides a great customer experience and is ROI positive -- saving store associates time and providing convenience to the customer. 



Scan. Retrieve. Go.

The customer purchases items online. They receive an email/text confirming the purchase that contains a unique authentication code. They come to the store and scan their code at the locker system. The locker door pops open and they retrieve their items, shut the door and they are done. The entire self-serve BOPIS transaction takes around 30 seconds to complete!


Consumers demand a frictionless transaction, they want to receive goods when, where and how they want. Fulfillment options are critical, with buy online pick-up in store (BOPIS) programs encouraging loyalty. 


Source: ChargeitSpot Survey, March 15, 2017

The Package Concierge proprietary locker software is designed to easily integrate with your ecommerce platform. Combine our readily available made in America, high-quality, pressure-tested locker system with nearly 85 years of manufacturing expertise, and we are the clear partner of choice to mitigate implementation risk when execution is critical.


Contact us to discuss a customized Package Concierge® solution to address the needs of your omnichannel retail business. Package Concierge® is the partner of choice.