Package Concierge® provides the solution to your package management issues. Properties receive an average of 50 packages per day requiring leasing staff to spend valuable time accepting, logging, organizing, storing, tracking, and notifying each resident. The Package Concierge® locker series provides easy access for all delivery carriers without requiring the assistance of leasing staff.



The Package Concierge® locker system is an innovative, safe and efficient way for residents to retrieve and ship packages 24/7.


One size does not fit all. Package Concierge® system lockers range in height from 4.8" to 37.2" and we are able to customize the system for your property giving you the best fit for your property. We understand that not all properties are alike and are proud to offer the Package Concierge® Locker Collection, giving you three package management solutions to choose from. Both the Premier Locker Series, and the Express Locker Series, offer a wide array of lockers that can be customized in shape, size and number of lockers, along with a customized color option, which is limitless. The third member to the series is the Package Concierge® Room, which essentially eliminates the handling of inbound and outbound packages for communities.


The luxury of having a high-quality, made-in-America product also means that there are no over-seas shipment delays, allowing a quick turn-around time for you to have the locker installed on your property. 


Management Benefits

  • Intuitive Management Portal:
    • Reporting availability across all portfolios
    • Track all package deliveries
    • Track all resident retrievals
    • Property communication tool
    • Stop loss reports
    • Ability to turn on or off shipping and returns feature
  • Ancillary Revenue Opportunity
  • 24/7 Customer Services
  • Resident Benefits
  • Resident Portal:
    • Set package delivery notification method (text, email, call or push)
    • Manage dependents
    • Set accessibility needs
    • Pay registration fees
  • 24/7 Access to Packages
  • Peer to Peer Transactions
    • Resident is able to securely set a pick up or drop off of an item with a one-time delivery access code
      • Keys for the dog walker
      • Dress for a friend to borrow
      • And more
  • Mobile App Convenience on iOS and Android, enabling the user to perform the following functions:
    • Monitor package activity
    • Barcode access
    • Push notifications
    • Reset PIN

To learn more about installing a Package Concierge® system in your community, contact Package Concierge® for a solution configured specifically to meet your needs. Take a look at our installation gallery, case studies and testimonials to see a few of our successful property implementations.