Popular Spring Packages

flowersToday is the first day of the spring season! After weeks of cold and snow, everyone is looking forward to a change of pace. Warmer weather and longer days are ahead of us in a time where leaves start to emerge on trees and flowers bloom from the ground. With the new season come new reasons for people to purchase gifts for themselves and others. Easter candy aside, here’s a few of the most popular packages people send in Spring:

Flowers- Due to availability and a myriad of choices at this point in the year, flowers are a staple purchase in the springtime.

Garden Supplies– Spring is the time people begin to prep and plant their gardens. As such, garden supplies and seeds are in hot demand between March and May.

Mother’s Day Gifts- In preparation for Mother’s Day, gifts for mom are purchased and shipped primarily in Spring.

Rain Boots- The old saying about April showers proves true since this is the busiest season for buying a good set of galoshes.

Fruit Arrangements- Much like flowers, fruit is starting become available and large shipments of fruit packages and fruit arrangements are sent this season.

The beauty of spring is evident in the rebirth and renewal of the nature all around us, but also in the generous nature of the season’s most popular gifts. What type of packages do you typically send during the springtime?

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