How to Use Renewable Energy in Your Apartment

Generally, apartment dwellers don’t typically get to choose their electricity provider. Whatever company is in the building they lease at is their provider through and through. So for the energy conscious out there, how do you help the environment when you can’t choose your energy source? After all, there is a whole slew of renewable energy out there. Why not use it? If you’re a renewable energy enthusiast, as we all should be, but rent in a community that does not use  any of these solutions, here’s how you can play your part in helping the environment:

Renewable Energy Chargers:


If you’re like most people, you charge your cell phone or laptop at least once a day. Purchasing a portable renewable energy charger allows you to skip plugging those mobile devices into the wall, and save energy on some of the devices you use the most. They’re also great for camping, hiking or long road trips.

Solar Powered Window Thermometers:


Super easy to use, this solar powered window thermometer clings to your window and displays the temperature outside. Since it collects power from sunlight during the day, you will never need to worry about taking it down to change batteries.

Wind Powered Outdoor Lights:

windlightRecently, Ikea developed an outdoor lighting fixture that is powered by wind. This clever item is not only trendy and sure to add a uniqueness to your outdoor space, but its functional too. It’s a easy as letting the breeze that comes across your balcony power the lights.


Water Powered Alarm Clock:



Just add water? Well, not exactly. This cute desk fixture is not really powered by water, but in a way it is. The water acts as a conductor for a zinc tablet within the device, essentially creating a battery without having to buy batteries. It’ll save you money and the hassle of finding batteries that fit.

Renewable Energy Toys:

solartoysThere are many options for renewable energy toys, including things the kids get to build themselves. Toy cars, robots, dancing flowers, racetrack sets: options abound. And these are a great way to start teaching kids about being responsible to the environment.

Although these options are not likely to slice your energy bill in half, they are great ways to still use and be involved with renewable energy, even while living in an apartment. And they all make great conversation pieces!

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