Summer Move-In Success


Warm Up To New Residents On Move-In Day

As we all know, summer is upon us. The season filled with barbeques, vacations and shorts is also known for something else: moving. According to moving and storage company U-Haul: “17 to 20 million people may move this summer” and “Nearly 45 percent of all moves occur between Memorial Day and Labor Day.” That’s a lot of people relocating during the warmest time of the year. Reasons vary on why many commit to a summertime move and many of them may be moving into your community. If this is the case, many in multifamily have an opportunity to make a good first impression. Just because a resident signed the lease doesn’t mean they feel comfortable and welcome in the community yet. We have a few ideas on how to break through this barrier to make a lasting impression.

  • Prepare the Property – If you’re about to see an influx of new residents, have the property ready. Will moving trucks be able to easily navigate once on site? Are there any obstructions in the hallways, breezeways or stairwells? Don’t forget that residents may have only seen the property a handful of times before moving in, so they may get confused. Is there any way to help this? These small fixes will make moving in a smoother experience for everyone. Even just being there to assure and answer questions will stand out to new residents.
  • Have Water Ready – Summer is hot. Moving heavy objects in the summer is even hotter. A great way to maintain the rapport you’ve established is to provide cold bottled water on move-in days. Think about it: new residents already feel the stresses of moving and this simple necessity may be overlooked. Your generosity can reinforce their decision to why they wanted to join the community in the first place. As we’ve always said, “A happy resident is a loyal resident.” There’s no reason why this can’t start over some H2O.
  • Summer Swag Bags – Before a resident begins to unload their belongings into their new home, they need to go inside it first. An awesome way to welcome them is to have a summer themed swag bag on the counter waiting for them. From some simple sunglasses to sunscreen, anything that can help the summer moving process is a good start. Not everything has to be summer oriented; throwing in a few essentials that can get overlooked work just as well. Coupons to local establishments are also a great incentive for residents. They can save money while exploring their new surroundings. The only restrictions on swag bags are budgets and imagination, but a little goes a long way! Check out sites like Pinterest for ideas.

Summer is a wonderful time of the year. But moving during it can potentially wear out a future resident. By taking the initiative to make the process slightly easier, you’ll be a hero! And there’s nothing wrong with sharing the move in excitement with social media either. Don’t get burned by summer moves; turn them into the best experience possible.

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Valentine’s Day Recap

Vday-01-1At Package Concierge, we value our customers 365 days a year, but on Valentine’s Day, we like to show a little extra love. Last week, you may have noticed a lot of twitter pated people receiving packages from love birds near and far. For example, Ten Faxon (a Greystar property) and the Allegro (a Bozzuto property) saw close to double the amount of deliveries when compared to the week before. Here are some interesting facts and statistics about Valentine’s Day that might make you rethink the significance of packages on February 14th.

Did you know that next to Christmas, Valentine’s Day stands as the most active holiday for shipping gifts? In 2015, more than $18 billion was spent on Valentine’s Day cards and gifts; with items like flowers, jewelry, apparel and specialty gifts totaling more than $155 million. Valentine’s Day gift buying is expected to exceed $19 billion in 2016 according to, with $142 being the average amount spent on gifts.

So what do these stats mean? Delivery carriers often face the challenge of ensuring that these tokens of affection reach their final destination on time and in pristine condition. While loved ones make the purchase, gifts go through many hands to ensure that Valentine’s Day is special for everyone. At the end of the day, gift givers want to make sure their sentiments are securely delivered. That’s where Package Concierge steps in.

Security isn’t just found in our rigorously tested materials but also in our technology. When a recipient is sent a gift, they’re immediately notified that a package has arrived. Then, they simply go to the Package Concierge where their item is being held to pick it up. We believe every package that goes into our system is priceless. So whether it’s Valentine’s Day or any other day of the year, just know that gifts of all sizes, shapes and prices are made more secure inside a Package Concierge locker and we hope that your treasures found their recipients quickly for the special day.

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Keep Luck on Your Side: What Not to Ship

For luck, some people hold onto a four leaf clover, or rub a rabbit’s foot. Others try to keep luck on their side by hanging a horseshoe over their door, or wishing on a star. When it comes to shipping packages, you don’t need to rely on a double-sided coin or a ladybug landing on your nose to ensure your package ships. Create your own luck when sending packages by knowing what not to ship.

Food That Spoils Quickly- Cookies or fudge is a great treat to ship not only because its sweet but because it has a shelf-life that will last the journey from point a to point b.

Hazardous Materials– Anything that might pose a danger to the carrier or the recipient should not be shipped. It’s that simple.

Non-Indigenous Plants- Shipping plants to or from other distant places can be dangerous to the ecosystem. Bugs and other pests not native to the area can negatively impact the environment for years to come.

Irreplaceable Valuables- The quickest way to protect yourself is with insurance, but if you don’t want to shell out the extra cash, don’t ship something you don’t want to lose.

Most of these are common sense, but it bares repeating to ensure you don’t need to rely on luck. A lot of people hope for the best when mailing packages. Cross their fingers and ship it off. Today, the luckiest days on the calendar, is the best day to learn more about handling packages. If you keep yourself informed and double-check what you’re shipping then without a doubt you’ll keep luck on your side.

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Winter Packages

winterThe busiest week for package delivery is upon us, folks! Hundreds of millions of packages will be shipped in preparation for the upcoming holidays between December 16th and 20th this year. And, let’s not forget that the first official day of winter is not too far away. A new season means new types of seasonal packages. What will you most likely see in a winter package? Here’s just a few:

Gift Baskets- Berries, chocolates, popcorn, cheese and crackers—this season provides an opportunity for all sorts of gift baskets.

Coats- From the frigid north to the chilly south, the colder weather provides all the more reason to bundle up this season.

Electronics- The holiday-packed time of year brings big discounts across all electronics and as such, they are sold more during the winter than another other time.

Warming Accessories- Along with coats, people purchase boots, gloves, scarfs and hats to keep them warm.

Ice Scraper- Most places will get ice, if not snow, and as such, the ice scraper goes into high demand during the winter months.

Presents- Of course holiday presents are on the list, after all, consumers spend an average of $700 these gifts.

Starting with December holidays and stretching through New Years and Valentine’s Day, the winter package season is the most generous quarter of the year. It is also a prime time for friends and family to gather, exchange gifts or ship items to far away loved ones. Stay warm this winter season and enjoy all the wonderful gifts you give and receive.

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Holiday Hosting: Apartment Tips

The holidays are upon us! It’s a very exciting time of year when families and friends gather to enjoy each others company over good food. At Package Concierge, it is one of our team’s favorite times of the year! If you are living in an apartment like millions of other Americans, and want to host a gathering this holiday season, you might be wondering how to make it happen. Small kitchen, lots of hungry people and few places to sit? No problem! Here’s how you can enjoy Thanksgiving in your apartment with all the people you love: pie

Cooking- You probably don’t have much counter space and your oven likely can’t hold all the fixings you want for the meal, so, ask for help. Make it a pot-luck dinner and have everyone bring a different dish.

Space- Once everyone does arrive, where should you put everything? You can use chairs, an ironing board or TV tray tables to double as temporary space to hold all the delicious dishes.

Seating – As your friends and family settle in for the meal, don’t worry about all gathering around a single table. It might be easier to use the table to serve the food and have everyone sit on the couch or the floor during your meal. Be creative!

Decorations- If going out and buying decorations stresses you out, use leaves from outside to set the tone. Or, why not use items that can double as a decoration and a snack? Grapes, cheese and crackers, chocolates, seasonal candies—choose whatever you’d like.

When the meal begins, it doesn’t matter whether you’re in a mansion, hotel, banquet hall, or apartment, eating and enjoying a meal with your inner circle is perfect anywhere.

Have you hosted an apartment holiday party? What got your through the evening? Share your tips!

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Thank a Veteran


This coming Monday, November 11th is Veteran’s Day. It’s the perfect time of year to give thanks to the people who serve our country and we’ve put together some ideas for how you can show your appreciation.

No matter how big or small, buying one meal can help get the veteran through the day with a smile.

Start the day off right by buying a veteran his or her morning coffee.

When you’re on public transportation, just like you would move for an elderly or handicapped citizen, offer your seat to someone who has served.

If you know a military family, offer to cook a few meals for them to get through busy days.

Writing a letter of thanks to someone in your family, a friend or a stranger just might make their day.

Have a bake sale in a veteran’s honor and give the proceeds to them or their family.

Many people open foundations for veterans or people who have been lost, think of donating to these types of charities.

These are all wonderful gestures you can make to show your gratitude and appreciation for the brave men and women who protect our country. Just remember, your thanks to veterans doesn’t need to stop with our ideas. Even the smallest of gestures will be cherished by service members, so use your imagination! Better yet, instead of showing veterans and active service members that you care on certain days in the year, make it a point to remember them throughout the year!What ways have you thanked a veteran this year or in the past?

Photo credit to Love, Love, Laugh, Hope Blog

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Holiday Package Preparation

christmasYes, it isn’t even Halloween yet. And yes, you should be thinking about the upcoming holiday season. Especially if you plan to ship gifts to your loved ones across the country or across the world. Given the way the calendar falls this year, the holiday season is compressed by one week. You can thank a late Thanksgiving and early Hanukah for that (Did you know they’re on the same day this year?). With one less weekend to shop for deals, that’s one less weekend to prepare your gift packages.

Don’t think it’s a big deal? Well, some of the biggest names in shipping sure do. Amazon plans to hire 70,000 season workers to handle the increased load this year.  That’s up 20,000 from 2012.

Fedex expects an 11% rise in Cyber Monday sales, thanks to the increase in online shopping, making December 2nd their anticipated busiest day of the year with 22 million packages shipped.

UPS also knows that because of the compressed holiday season, that they will be busier than ever. December 16th, UPS’s peak pick-up day will likely see 34 million packages and they’re hiring additional works to handle the load.

If you want to get ahead of the curve, what should you do?

Shop Early. Instead of waiting for December to roll around, head out to the stores now and get your shopping done to beat the rush.

Ship Early. If you’re packing a gift yourself, or buying on the web, it would be best to do it early. The sooner you get your presents out, the shorter the lines and the shorter the wait.

If you’re like most people and wait until the last minute, what should you do?

cyber mondayCyber Monday Deals. Given the short shopping season, the online deals on Cyber Monday (December 2nd) will be worth the wait.

Last Minute Deals. Some companies offer last minute deals if you purchase much closer to Christmas (December 20th or later) such as 75% off the full price you might pay in November.

Whichever route you take, this holiday season is sure to be one of the busiest yet.

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Popular Fall Packages

There’s a distinct crispness to the air as we turn from hot and humid to a mild and comfortable ???????????????????????atmosphere of the Autumn season. Any day now, leaves will begin to change just as the days grow shorter. Kids will flock to apple orchards and pumpkin fields as the rest of the family prepares for upcoming holidays. For some, it is there favorite season and the popular packages of this time of year show why:

Sweaters- The seasonal clothing of choice for men, women and children is the sweater. It’s the perfect layering garment that can be added to warm up through a cold day, or take off when the sun returns at full force.

Pies- With pumpkins and apples in season, the purchasing of pie skyrockets in the Fall. For some people, these delicious treats aren’t available locally and must be shipped to their location. For others, they simply have a favorite baker’s goods they can’t live without.

Bulbs- Flowers, trees and shrubs are cheapest in the Fall. And for people looking to get a head start on their spring gardens, this is the best time to order flower bulbs.

Halloween Costumes- For the expert costumer, sometimes the local stores just don’t cut it. Children, teens and parents alike seek the best and most unique Halloween costume to be the talk of the town. And sometimes, those are only available online.

Turkeys- In several weeks, the American tradition of Thanksgiving will bring families together and also increase mail order turkey sales. Anyone can buy anything on the internet these days and food is no exception. For the perfect holiday meal, some people get their turkeys shipped in.

These Fall packages showcase what is most important during the changing season. And in most cases, as it comes down to it, family is the center of these packages. People are preparing for meals and good times with their loved ones.

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Best Ways to Celebrate Independence Day

What most people don’t realize is that not all of the founding fathers signed the Declaration of Independence on July 4th. In fact, most of them signed the parchment on August 2nd. While we celebrate our nation’s birthday on the 4th, we might as well spend the entire month of July celebrating. After all, there’s just too much to do and see around our country all in one holiday weekend. Here are some of the best ways to celebrate:

fourthofjulysparklerBoston’s Freedom Trail: The home site of the Tea Party that started it all, Boston has a wonderful brick trail through the city you can follow to visit historic sites of the revolution.

NYC Ellis Island / Statue of Liberty Tour: New York City was and remains a beacon of hope to immigrants and acknowledging this passage of our ancestors by touring the Island and visiting the Statue is a great honor to them.

Mount Rushmore Fireworks: If you visit on July 4th, you can experience our nations proudest symbol emblazon the sky above four of our country’s greatest leaders.

Gettysburg: The Civil War was a dark time in our history, but we overcame our regional differences to unite once again. This site is hallowed ground to remember our past.

Mississippi River Steamboat Tour: The heartland of America is marked by one of the world’s greatest rivers. You can take a steamboat tour and relive its glory days.

California Zephyr:  Similar to the steamboat, but celebrating our mastery of the rail, you can see the great western half of our country on a train between San Francisco and Chicago.

These are just a few of our nation’s best locations to celebrate our independence. Whether you wish America a happy birthday with fireworks and hotdogs, or a concert and apple pie, be sure to check out these great American’s landmarks

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